NZ Penny Coin Pendant

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NZ Penny Coin Pendant

NZ Penny Coin Pendant.

We make our rings  and pendant coins to a high standard and fire, mould, shape, size, clean and sand both edges of our rings and we indent both sides with rims to match and strive always to provide a standard of

We will make to order state your year and we will try to accomodate or we will send random years.

Real New Zealand Copper Penny circulated from 1940 to 1965. Featuring a tui bird perched in a setting of kowhai blossoms.

A hand crafted ring made by us from a NZ one penny, 
George VI became King after his brother,

King Edward VIII, abdicated in 1936.

George VI's reign oversaw the continued dismantling of the British Empire and it's transformation in to the Commonwealth.

1 penny = 1/12 of a shilling

The first King George VI NZ penny was minted in 1940, and the last in 1952.

Twisted copper edge and loop.

We have in stock at present these dates so you can request your year if required.

We also make Half Crown New Zealand rings on request.

Please allow extra delivery time if we have to make your item to order in our Nelson Factory. 

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation to any other ring makers making coin rings in New Zealand.

NZ Penny Coin Pendant.

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