NZ Half Crown Coin Ring

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NZ Half Crown Coin Ring

NZ Half Crown Coin Rings

We make our rings to a high standard and fire, mould, shape, size, clean and sand both edges of our rings and we indent both sides with rims to match and strive always to provide a standard of

We will make to order state your size or even place string around your finger to get the measurement place it on a ruler,

A hand crafted ring made by us from a NZ Half Crown, which is Copper/Nickel alloy during this time period (1947-1966). This design shows the Arms of New Zealand on a background of Māori carvings.
This coin can be made from size 6 to to size 15US with varying widths of band, as they are custom made to order. This particular ring has a polished finish, but can be given a patina finish on request.

We have in stock at present these dates so you can request your year if required.47-48-49-50-51-61-62-63

The coat of arms of New Zealand is the heraldic symbol representing the South Pacific island nation of New Zealand. Its design reflects NZ's history as a bicultural country, with a European female figure on one side and a Māori Rangatira (chief) on the other. The symbols on the central shield represent New Zealand's trade, agriculture and industry, and a Crown represents New Zealand's status as a constitutional monarchy.

The coat of arms was granted by warrant of King George V on 26 August 1911, and the current version was granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1956. While the use of the coat of arms is restricted to the NZ, the symbol enjoys wide use on state decorations; it appears on the uniform of the police and is on the cover of the national passport.

We cannot control the height of your ring it will be wider with the smaller sizes( approx 15mm) with the large sizes (approx 9-9.5mm)

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation to any other ring makers making coin rings in New Zealand.


NZ Half Crown Coin Ring

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