Magnetic 3000 gauss power bands in many designs and sizes to choose.

Metal Content: We use the finest metals available to handcraft our Copper bracelets. The red metal is 99% pure Copper, the element itself. The yellow metal is Jewelers Brass (an alloy of 85% Copper and 15% Zinc). The white metal is German Silver (65% Copper, 17% Zinc, 16% Nickel, 2% silver), an alloy used in making white gold.

Both of our main metals, Copper and Zinc are essential minerals needed by our bodies to remain healthy. "Copper, when in contact with the skin, forms chelates with human sweat (sometimes seen as a green deposit under the bracelet) and is thus absorbed into the skin," writes Dr. RAy Walker, of the University of Newcastle, Australia. He adds: "Think of copper bracelets as a time release source of Copper. "And we grow up to realize, dear Grandma really knew...Copper bracelets are good for you!"

Our bracelets have magnets embedded into the linked band creating a magnetic charge of 2500 gauss which aids in alkalizing our Ph balance and aiding in pain relief. Can decrease inflammation and increase the flow of blood through blockages.

Copper and magnetics combined can aid in...

Pain relief, circulation.

Increased healing ability.

Better sleep.

Anti inflammation.

Soothes arthritis pain.

Relieves joint and muscle pain.

Alleviates back ache and period pain.

Increases body metabolism and blood circulation.

Protects from mobile radiations and other types of radiations.

Control diabetes and high blood pressure.

Lowers the level of cholesterol Increases Energy Level

Let us know your size and colour we will make to order (sizes in cms).

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