NZ Press Story

NZ Press Story
A recent study shows that New Zealanders are becoming wealthier, but at adistinct cost. There seems to be a correlation between money and time: the more we have of one, the less we have of the other.

The result is that we choose what we do with our time much more carefully.Indulgence is now vital and sanctitude paramount.

No one understands this better than Nita Henry, the winner of the 1994 Benson & Hedges Supreme fashion award, whose stressful life as a fashion designer led to the aggravation of her Crohn's disease - to the point that she had walk away from her fashion career just as she was reaching its pinnacle.

Nita was forced to take time out. To reassess her life and her ambitions. To rest and take pleasure in the simple things. Like a good hot bath. As Nita began the long path to recovery (her Crohn's is now completely in remission), she began to experiment with fizzy bath bombs and to use her design skills to create natural bath products. Now, teamed with husband Alistair Williams, Nita is taking New Zealand by storm again.This time with a range of natural soaps, shampoos and fizzy bath bombs under the name Buzz.

Most unusual are the crystal-shaped soaps made from Alistair's own recipe for transparent soaps. Nita calls Buzz "the Lush of New Zealand", referring to the popular English franchise company that sells soaps delicatessen-style by the gram. But Buzz is truly New Zealand's own. All the products are developed and hand made by Nita and Alistair and a growing band of 14 employees in Lyttelton, the funky port town Nita has called home for more than 10 years.

Even the business concept is uniquely New Zealand. Rather than selling expensive franchises, Buzz works on a "shop inside a shop" concept. Retailers retain their own name and autonomy while offering a complete range of Buzz products.

There is one store that sells only Buzz products. Buzz body Treats, in Queenstown, is owned by John Gallop, a sheep shearer turned shop owner who says Something About Getting a Hard Time From His Mates at the Pub?

Combining their technical and creative skills, Alistair and Nita have taken off in a big way. Even Nita, an experienced business woman, is blown away by the company's recent growth.

The only explanation is that they are giving today's kiwis what they want -a touch of indulgence for their busy lives. In the end,

Nita and Alistair are selling simple pleasures - luxurious moments that are neither costly nor time-consuming.

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