Bay Harbour News 2000

Bay Harbour News 2000

They fizz, bubble, cleanse, exfoliate, shine, massage, smooth, repair, relax and smell divine, what are they? The ultimate in body pampering treats from skin specialists Buzz in Merivale Mall. ES sent Sarah Gordon down to find out what all the buzz is about.

Catering for any bath and body fan, Buzz specializes in pampering the largest organ of the body - our skin. With 10 years experience in creating products for the body beautiful, founder and production manager Anita Henry describes the partnership between herself and shop Manager Eliza Hamilton, as a relationship built on synergy. Eliza gives the impetus to develop new products and flavours reflecting customer requests, while Anita works thoroughly to develop and produce new products, passing on her knowledge to Eliza for their customers. Both work together on the shop design, focusing on the trend of the moment through their range of body creations.

From mini bath bombs such as ‘Groovy Baby’, fizzy bath powders such as ‘Milky baby’ to big butter balls such as ‘Bubble Monkey’, ‘Sultry Fizzy’, and ‘Florabunda’ to name but a few, any bath lover will delight in Buzz’s gorgeous range of bathing wonders, that will moisturize, invigorate, enliven and relax your body from head to toe. Enriched with herbal extracts such as cocoa butter, neutralizing acids and moisturizing oils of intense pleasure, whether bathing in private or indulging in a touch of romance, the bathroom is one place you won’t want to leave.

For those of you who can’t resist a slice of cake what about a slice of soap? All shapes, sizes, flavours and smells, Buzz’s range of soaps cater for all your body needs, such as Solid Hair Shampoo in ‘Camomile Lawn’ or a loofah and soap in one, such as ‘Luscious Limy’. Buzz’s soaps can be sliced to any amount you desire, they will flirt with your taste buds and shower your body with cleansing frothy fun.

All Buzz products are New Zealand made, with natural ingredients and a particular purpose in mind that goes beyond cleansing. If serious body care is what you are after, there are a number of products that will target your area of much needed care, and the results? Absolutely fabulous! ES favourite and most popular body exfoliant that leaves your body feeling so smooth, deeply moisturized and smelling good enough to eat, is the Sugar Scrub. We’re talking crystals of pure moisture; these scrubs cleanse and remove dead skin cells, revealing incredibly soft, glowing skin. In flavours such as ‘Milli Vanilli,’ ‘Sugar Dream,’ ‘Ginger Nutti,’ and ‘Sugar Baby’ for the wee ones, all stimulate, exfoliate and moisturize your body like never before.

For a massage that will surpass any qualified masseuse, Buzz Massage Bars embedded with Aduki beans and compressed moisturizing oils, have one body in mind – yours! Whether you have a ‘Magic Fingers’ to ease sore aching muscles, or have the urge for ‘Sure Fire’ eroticism, these bars offer even the most amateur masseuse, the ultimate massaging experience.

Women who are expecting, can also be rest assured that the Buzz products they are using, are safe for them and their baby. Luxurious milk salts such as ‘Cleopatras’ and lavender infused bath fizzy powders such as ‘Blue Moon,’ will moisturize and relax your body, leaving you cool, calm and in comfort.

Heads of hair that are irritated by salon hair dyes or at home D.I.Y’s, will be ecstatic about Buzz’s range of Henna Solid Shampoos, which gently highlight your hair with radiant colour. Not only will your tresses become locked with moisture, but also shine, feel incredibly soft and look fantastic.

With herbal extracts and infused dermatological ingredients imported from France, Buzz’s collection of clinically proven healing products for minor skin irritations, such as ‘Eczema Ease,’ with natural calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Chickweed, will help heal and prevent skin irritations from occurring – your skin will feel soft, supple, sexy and irritant free. For cellulite catastrophes, orange-peel thighs will be at the mercy of Buzz’s own range of cellulite controlling concoctions. From massage bars embedded with Mung beans, black pepper seed soaps to body shower scrubs infused with citrus extracts and combinations of Black Tea, Clematis and Fucus to name but a few ingredients, all work together in different ways to combat, stimulate and break down the enzymes responsible for fatty deposits that cause cellulite. These specially formulated products are not a cure for cellulite, but by loosening the accumulation of excess water and body fat, they work with your body’s own mechanisms to help smooth and refine the appearance of your skin. This is designing for the body as fashion does for the soul, as Nita Henry (an ex-fashion designer) says, “ I’m still looking after bodies, one way or another.”

Pre-packaged gifts are available, however the best feature about Buzz is that you can pick and choose your own body treats for your gift, this creates that personal element making the gift even more special for the receiver. The icing on the cake, so to speak, lies in your choice of a special card that can be placed within your gift, that best describes your relationship with the receiver, for example, “A Bag Created Just For You” – and with that what more can you say except what a Buzz!

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