4 in1-1001 Magnets Negative Ions Germanium Infrared Titanium Bracelets

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3 elements Magnetic Stainless Steel bands for ladies or men, great prices, good quality we ship worldwide.


3 in1 Silver Magnet -Germanium Far, Infra Red, Magnetic, Stainless Steel Bracelet

This style is 21cm long we can make smaller for you or join two together to make bigger. They have an opening catch and we can make bigger for $10-$15 or smaller for free..

21cm long can make smaller by 10mm increments.

Trendy 3in1 Magnetic Health Stainless Steel bracelet

Magnet: Neodymium

Gauss Strength of each Magnet: 3,000gauss

Number of Far Infar Red: 6

Number of Negative Ions: 7

Supreme Quality

Our bracelets have assorted elements embedded into the linked band creating a magnetic charge of 3000 gauss which aids in alkalizing our Ph balance and aiding in pain relief. Can decrease inflammation and increase the flow of blood through blockages.

clip at back opens


Curative effect of infrared rays

help for normalisation of high blood pressure, improve and stabilise blood circulation; a beneficial effect on pain in dorsal area and muscles, studs, bronchitis, asthmatic disorders;

help with colds, fatigue and exhaustion of the human body;

useful in inflammation of ears, nose and throat;

reduce pain in arthritic and rheumatic diseases, in herniated disc too;

facilitate kidney function;

in stress situations;

in procedures for the reduction of cellulite and fat digestion;etc..

Curative effect of Germanium

Germanium was supposed to improve the immune system, boost the body's oxygen supply, make a person feel more alive and destroy damaging free radicals. In addition was said to protect the user against radiation.

Read more: https://www.lenntech.com/periodic/elements/ge.htm#ixzz55XEjDUHg

Drug free solution

Research has shown that magnetism can make capillary walls relax and blood vessels widen, allowing more blood to pass through. This means the body can get rid of toxins faster and so speed up the healing process.

Magnets have always been used to promote health. Cleopatra wore jewelry charged with magnetism and Queen Elizabeth 1st is said to have used magnets to ease her arthritis.

Magnets for health have been used for hundred of years. The oldest known usage of magnetic powers are traced to Africa, where an African bloodstone, magnetite mine, more than 100,000 years old, has been found. The magnetite was ground up and used in potions, foods, and topical applications. Ancient Greece, Hebrews, Arabs, Indians, Egyptians, and Chinese civilizations have all used natural magnets for health. Unlike using prescription drugs, magnets are non-invasive and will not harm you. Many common ailments can be alleviated or eased without drugs by using health magnets. More and more reports and research is being written, along with testimonials that testify of these health benefits. Some medical specialists, who have received testimonials of people being helped by magnets, are including professional athletes, movie stars, politicians, and CEO's of Corporations, in their "helped" files. And, whether or not doctors can agree on a magnets effectiveness, people who get positive results by using health magnets swear by them!

A 2007 clinical trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health that looked at back pain in a small group of people, have suggested a benefit from using magnets.

Magnets may not be safe for some people, such as those who use a pacemaker or an insulin pump; magnets may interfere with the functioning of the medical device. Otherwise, magnets are generally considered safe when applied to the skin.

Magnetics combined can aid in...


  • Pain relief, circulation.
  • Increased healing ability.
  • Better sleep.
  • Anti inflammation.
  • Soothes arthritis pain.
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain.
  • Alleviates back ache and period pain.
  • Increases body metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Protects from mobile radiations and other types of radiations.
  • Control diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Lowers the level of cholesterol Increases Energy Level
  • 3 in1-1001 Magnets Negative Ions Germanium Infrared Bracelets
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